Camel Car Rental

Terms and Conditions

  1. The driver’s minimum age 25 years with driving experience 3 years minimum. The driver’s maximum age is 70 years old. The rental agent has the right to refuse to provide the service at any time if the driver’s age and/or driving experience does not meet the requirements for a particular car.
  2. To hire a car, only a valid national driver’s license with a transliteration in Roman letters is required, passport or ID and a credit/debit card.
  3. Credit card is required for a security, it must be a nominative card and in the name of the main driver.
  4. The minimum chargeable rental period is 24 hours. It means that if you rent a car for a few hours, you will be charged for a full day. For example, if you need a car from Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon, you will be charged for two full days.
  5. Payments should be made according to the rates of Camel Car Rentals Ltd. All Prices are in euros incl. VAT
  6. ​ Rental price includes

– Delivery to your door in Paphos area,

     – Unlimited milage

     – T.P.L. (Third Party Liability Insurance) *Excess amount vary depending on the category of the vehicle.


  1. If you want to extend your hire period, you must inform the rental agent in advance (at least 1 day before and can be made upon availability only).
  2. Delayed Drop Off fee – 25 euros (If the client delays return of the vehicle or vehicle key for 30 min to 1 hour)
  3. Late Drop Off fee – if delay is 1 hour or longer the client will be charged a fee which is equivalent to a single day rental price of the vehicle he was renting.
  4. In cases with early vehicle returns, the following amount won’t be refunded:

-Price of the last 2 days (in cases when rental agreement is shorter the 7 days)

-Half price of all days left (in cases when rental agreement exceeding 7 days period)

  1. You must return your rental car with the same level of fuel you picked it up with. If the level of fuel is lower, you pay the difference at the rates of car rental company. If the level of fuel is higher, you are not compensated for the difference.
  2. If at drop off the car is too dirty to check condition before/after rent (including verification of scratches & dents), car wash is covered by customer.
  3. Standard insurance does not cover damages to wheels, undercarriage, windscreen, and interior of the vehicle.
  4. In case of an insured event, you must immediately notify the rental agent and receive an infringement notice, except as otherwise agreed with the agent. Failure to fulfil these conditions will cancel the insurance issued for the vehicle and make you fully responsible. None of the protection packages (T.P.I/C.D.W/F.C.D.W/C.P.P) are covering cases mentioned in damage or loss of vehicle key.
  5. Rental cars are allowed to travel only on paved public roads.
  6. Driving a rental car across the border to Northern Cyprus is not allowed.
  7. Drive on rental car is forbidden on ANY GROUND ROADS that without asphalt-concrete pavement, including, but not limited the following territories and roads to these places:
    1. Akamas Reserve
    2. Avakas Gorge
    3. Turtle beach LaraBay
    4. Blue Lagoon
    5. Waterfall Bath Adonis
    6. Kavo Gkreko National Park
  8. The contact phone number with the correct country code provided at the time of booking must be available throughout the car rental period and on the day before pick-up. We do not accept any service quality claims, if it was impossible to contact the renter by mobile phone or messengers (Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram).
  9. It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay fines, fuel and parking fees.

20.Only small pets may travel in rented cars and should be kept in their travel carriers at all times.

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