Rental Agreement

Provisions of the vehicle Lease Terms

This agreement is entered by and between Camel Car Rentals Ltd and the “Client:

The client has read and understood the provisions therein and accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions of this agreement by signing it.

1. Principal terms and conditions

  • 1.1 Camel Car Rentals Ltd shall lease the vehicle to the client and guarantee that the vehicle concerned is in technically sound state and suitable for intended use at the date leasing.
  • 1.2 The client shall undertake to thoroughly inspect the leased vehicle as of the date of taking such vehicle on lease. The parties shall immediately notify about any faults occurred and make respective records in the agreement.

2. Types of Insurance

2.1 T.P. (Third Party Liability insurance) limited with the excess. It is included in the rental price.

Does not cover tires, windscreen and underneath of the vehicle. The amount of excess varies from the category of the rented vehicle and should be mentioned in the agreement.

  • 2.2 C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver) aka excess reducer. Can be purchased additionally. Reduces the amount of excess to 150-300 euros depending on the category of the chosen vehicle
  • 2.3 F.C.D.W (Full Collision Damage Waiver) with zero excess. Covers the vehicle with zero liability except tires, windscreen and underneath of the car. Can be purchased additionally. Price of insurance vary from the category of the vehicle and the rental period.
  • 2.4 C.P.P (Complete Protection Package) with zero excess. Covers the vehicle with zero liability including parts such us tires, windscreen, underneath of the vehicle as well as also enhances Road Side Assistance services. Price of insurance varies from the category of the vehicle and the rental period.

3. Use of the vehicle

  • 3.1 The client undertakes to use the vehicle carefully and keep it in good order.
  • 3.2 The client undertakes to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel it was given at the beginning of rental.
  • 3.3 The client undertakes to pay any vehicle fines appeared during the rental period. Otherwise Camel Car Rentals Ltd will have no choice but to provide all necessary clients information to the Road Police department under the first request. Further proceedings will no longer involve

Camel Car Rentals Ltd.

  • 3.4 The client is not allowed to drive the vehicle under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • 3.5 The client is not allowed to drive the vehicle in rough terrain conditions, off roads or any other non-asphalted areas.
  • 3.6 The client is not allowed to drive the vehicle on the occupied areas of Cyprus aka North Cyprus.
  • 3.7 The client is fully responsible for the interior of the vehicle.
  • 3.8 None of the protection packages (T.P./C.D.W/F.C.D.W/C.P.P) are covering cases mentioned in the above paragraphs (3.4/ 3.5/ 3.6/ 3.7) as well as damage or loss of vehicle key. Customer undertakes fully compensate damages or any other expenses associated with non-compliance with the above-mentioned rules.

4. Client’s obligations in the events of road accident or vehicle failure.

4.1 In case of any vehicle failure or a vehicle damage client must immediately notify representative of Camel Car Rentals Ltd.

27 of andal son -the cient must motherice not repe centeve of Camel a Rentals raor

police (tel:199)

4.3 If by any case Police officer must leave the accident place before arrival of representative of Camel Car Hire, client must receive the copy of police protocol or insurance report.

*In case if client leaves the scene of accident without notifying a representative of Camel Car

Rentals Ltd all insurances and protection packages will be immediately canceled.

*After the accident caused by the fault of customer, all additional coverage packages

retal perod Eces anount whi be witen in the agrement accrding to the category of

rented vehicle.

5. Client’s duties of returning the vehicle

  • 5.1 The client must return the vehicle at the appointed place, day and time mentioned on the agreement.
  • 5.2 All rented accessories must be returned back to Camel Car Rentals Ltd at the same condition it was given out.
  • 5.3 If the client delays return of the vehicle or vehicle key for more than 30 minutes, he will be charged 25 euros “late drop off fee”, if delay is 1 hour or longer the client will be charged a fee which is equivalent to a single day rental price of the vehicle he was renting.

5,4 In cases when client agreed to leave the keys at the reception of the hotel/apartments and the vehicle at the belonging parking due to circumstances which are not allowing him to be present at the moment and/or place of coliection of the vehicle by representative of Camel Car Rentals Ltd, the client keeps a responsibility for everything what can happen to the vehicle until it will be collected by Camel Car Rentals Ltd, even if it is collected later than the drop off time mention in the agreement.

*To protect yourself we recommend making a video with a timecode inside/outside/around the vehicle after using it for the last time.

  • 5.5 In case of willing to extend rental agreement period, client must notify the company representative not later than 24 hours before agreement ends.
  • 5.6 In cases with early vehicle returns, the following amount won’t be refunded:
  • Price of the last 2 days (in cases when rental agreement is shorter the 7 days)
  • Half price of all days left (in cases when rental agreement exceeding 7 days period)

* 6. Payment

  • 6.1 For any services provided by Camel Car Rentals Ltd client can pay by cash or card transaction.
  • 6.2 With the signature on this agreement client authorizes Camel Car Hire Ltd, in case of any damages caused to the vehicle or additional rented equipment, to charge client’s card the amount needed to fix/recover vehicle or additional rented items up to the amount of excess mentioned in this agreement.

7. Disputes and disagreements

7.1 All disputes and disagreements that may appear between client and Camel Car Rentals Ltd shall be tried to be sorted out in a conversation. If parties can’t get to one agreement – Any disagreements will be resolved in the order established by the current legislation, in the court of Cyprus.

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